About Us

Beechbrae was born out of a dream to live more sustainably and tread lightly on the resources we have.

Our History

We are a social enterprise and charity based in Beechbrae Wood in Blackridge, West Lothian. We began as a grass roots group of people with ideas of how we could have a positive impact in our village by teaching and helping others in our community to engage with the environment. Beechbrae holds an orchard, garden, mixed woodland with walking paths, labyrinth, woodland centre and a wild pond. These places to help to connect people with nature as a way of addressing a variety of challenges.

Our Why

We all need connection

We all are in need of healing

We all grow as we learn

Our Values

  • Curiosity we choose to be open to exploring, learning and fostering curiosity about the natural world, each other and ourselves as a means of strengthening our collective agency.
  • Connection we recognise relationship and connection as being at the heart of Beechbrae – within ourselves, with everyone who comes to or is part of Beechbrae, and with the land.
  • Nurture we nurture those who engage with Beechbrae and the land itself. We engage in a trauma-informed way to seek health, wellbeing and wholeness.

Our Aims

  • Education
    • Providing educational activities for all ages & abilities
    • Developing skills
    • Managing & enhancing green space woodlands, and community growing
  • Health
    • Supporting, developing & improving physical, mental and emotional health through indoor and outdoor programmes
  • Community Development
    • Engaging local community with green space, woodland and community growing activities
    • Improving the quality of life for our whole community
  • Providing Greenspace & Activities
    • Improving lives of local community & public
    • Promoting & improving access to woodland, greenspace, biodiversity & wildlife
  • Improving & Protecting Natural Environment
    • Protecting, enhancing & restoring biodiversity in Blackridge & West Lothian
    • Promoting sustainable use of natural resources